The ALCINA brand

ALCINA liebt Vielfalt.

ALCINA is passionate about diversity.

Dr. Kurt Wolff created the ALCINA brand around the middle of the 20th century. The goal: To provide caring cosmetics for all ages. This diversity is reflected today in our product development and our commitment to offering first-class customer advice.

ALCINA liebt Individualität.

ALCINA focuses on the individual.

We are all unique. Our product portfolio has been specifically developed to preserve and cultivate this individuality without neglecting the feel-good factor.

ALCINA liebt Zeitgeist.

ALCINA embraces the spirit of the time.

Combining tradition and innovation means preserving that which is proven whilst also taking new paths. Trends and fashion are just as important to us as timelessness and suitability for everyday life. Our products bridge the gap between these two worlds.

ALCINA liebt Wirksamkeit.

ALCINA relies on efficacy.

Our products are developed as a result of continuous dialogue with our dermatologists and independent experts. For us, as a high-quality brand from Germany, the safety, efficacy and compatibility of our products are top priorities.

ALCINA liebt Wieblichkeit.

ALCINA adores femininity.

The ALCINA brand name originates from the opera of the same name by Georg Friederich Handel. This opera is dedicated to the mystery and magic of femininity - the same goes for the ALCINA brand, after all it is only women who are able to redefine themselves time and time again. Sorry men, however you can take comfort from the launch of our "ALCINA for Men" series in 2014!

ALCINA liebt Exklusivität.

ALCINA offers exclusivity.

The work of hair and make-up artists is inspired by creativity. We, in turn, are their inspiration. Many of our products were and are developed hand in hand with and for professionals. We share our experiences and visions with our ALCINA partners to enable you, as our customer, to benefit from outstanding quality and value for money.

ALCINA liebt Anspruch.

ALCINA sets itself high standards.

We stand by our word. As a family-owned company based in Germany's East Westphalian region with sales locations all around the world, we attach great importance to pragmatism and consistency. This is why we set high standards for our work: Our approach has been shaped by honesty, quality, reliability and trust right from the word go.

ALCINA liebt Herzblut.

We are passionate about ALCINA.

We strive to ensure our own happiness and that of our customers. We want to excite you with our products which is why we are passionate about the details and take a true-to-life approach. We value your opinion: Should we ever fail to hit the mark, we would like to hear what you think.

Why not visit us at our ALCINA cosmetics café and experience the world of ALCINA for yourself. We're looking forward to meeting you!