The new anti-ageing hair care product
for mature, coloured hair

AgeVital - for youthful, stronger hair

As we get older, cell activity in the body slows down, which also affects hair growth and hair quality. As a result, hair becomes thinner, falls out prematurely, becomes dry, brittle and loses its shine and vitality. The scalp can also become dry and should be given special care so it can continue as the foundation for vital, beautiful hair.

Promote hair growth with the anti-ageing hair care range

The new AgeVital products by ALCINA counteract precisely these problems of ageing hair. The three-step system of shampoo, conditioner and hair energy serum takes into account the particular needs of mature, coloured hair and noticeably improves the feeling of the hair. The combination of highly effective ingredients strengthens the hair from inside and out, reduces hair breakage* and hair loss and gives the hair back its shine, suppleness and fullness. The scalp is soothed and regenerated, which allows the hair roots to grow stronger.

Try the new anti-ageing hair care range for yourself and experience the efficacy of the caffeine vital complex:

  • the active ingredient combination of caffeine, Anagainā„¢ (pea sprout extract) and panthenol revitalises mature hair
  • promotes hair growth and provides the hair roots with phytonutrients
  • strengthens the hair from inside and out
  • gives moisture and vitality to dry hair and a dry scalp

*after using both the shampoo and conditioner