You simply have to have these products

Our must-haves are care products for skin and hair, and are simply a necessity for every bathroom. They offer an effective solution for every problem, be it dehydrated skin, pigmentation or brittle hair. Look forward to products with the "AHA" effect!

Get to know our must-haves - you will love them!

The Skin Manager team

Do you want finer pores and a soft, silky complexion? The ALCINA facial trio offers the perfect skin care routine – for a real "AHA" experience!

Be impressed by our multi-talents.

Skin Manager - Must-Haves»

Hyaluron 2.0 for skin & hair

Can you imagine your skin and hair feeling thirsty? Yes – and it isn't water they need, but hyaluronic acid!

Replenish your skin's and hair's moisture depots with Hyaluron 2.0.

Hyaluron 2.0 - Must-Haves»

Cashmere - Luxury care for the winter

There are 89 days between autumn and spring. Our body can finally stop counting the days with the Cashmere care series.

This luxurious care series nourishes stressed skin and hair. The premium cashmere extract soothes and is quickly absorbed. Cold days can no longer harm your skin and hair.

Cashmere - Must-Haves»